Educating Your Members

Staff Education Tools

  • The Life Fitness Academy has devised a multi-step learning solution with options that benefit every fitness professional. It all begins with e-learning where staff and trainers can conveniently gain and test their knowledge. Fun, dynamic live and on-demand webinars comprise the next level of available training.

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    • On-Site Training
    • E-Learning
    • Webinars
    • Grand Opening On-Site Trainer Support
    • Product Education Videos (Staff)

Member Education Tools

  • For those facilities that have limited staff, having great instructional materials to help train your members on features and proper usage of your Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment can be a big help. The Life Fitness website Fitness Advisor section is a great place to direct your exercisers for fitness articles instructional videos and other tips on how to get the most from their workout. Our Life Fitness Academy trainers can further personalize equipment training for your exercisers by providing in-person instruction for your members, in your own facility.


    • Educational Video Content
    • Grand Opening On-Site Trainer Support

Membership Sales Tools

  • We understand selling memberships or promoting your facility to prospective exercisers is critical to your success. That's why Life Fitness wants to help you maximize your equipment investment, by giving you the tools to promote your equipment and it benefits, and give you unique ways to distinguish your facility. Things like the Life Fitness Journey Concept and unique workout tools like the LFconnect website. And staff education tools, so your trainers and staff can highlight allthe features that help sell the equipments benefits - and ultimately those of your club - to prospective members.


    • Tour Guide Program
    • LFconnect Website
    • Life Fitness Journey
    • Product Education Videos