Selling Memberships

We understand that membership sales are the key to your success. This idea has informed many of our recent innovations like Life Fitness Journey, which not only differentiates your facility, but offers exercisers defined paths to success plus the variety of equipment options they are seeking. LFconnect is another tool that enables exercisers to get the most out of their cardio workouts. Helping you maximize the value of your equipment to attract new exercisers, its what we live for.

Equipment Selection

  • Our two industry-leading brands, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength empower you to create a fitness floor tailored to your exercisers. We offer variety in our two cardio lines and 12 different strength lines, because we know that having choices helps you choose the right equipment to best suit your needs. A variety that also helps exercisers avoid boredom, plow through plateaus and achieve their goals—which they will attribute to your facility. Because the best exercise plan is one with room to grow, the best facilities enable that growth and thoughtful owners are rewarded for their foresight with very loyal members.

    To get started with a personalized equipment consultation with one of our experts, call 011 794 1625.


    • Experienced Sales Consultants
    • Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Brands
    • Life Fitness Journey

Membership Sales Tools

  • We understand selling memberships or promoting your facility to prospective exercisers is critical to your success. That's why Life Fitness wants to help you maximize your equipment investment, by giving you the tools to promote your equipment and it benefits, and give you unique ways to distinguish your facility. Things like the Life Fitness Journey Concept and unique workout tools like Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website. And staff education tools, so your trainers and staff can highlight allthe features that help sell the equipments benefits - and ultimately those of your club - to prospective members.


    • Tour Guide Program
    • Life Fitness Virtual Trainer Website
    • Life Fitness Journey
    • Product Education Videos (Staff)